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A welcoming space begins with positive intentions and ends with a well-balanced design. This involves multiple elements of design: scale, shape, form, line distribution, weight, and stylizing. When your home's new design is brought to fruition, you will experience and enjoy your home in a way you might not have imagined possible! You deserve to feel good in your home and we love helping you to do just that.

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Home Staging

Little touches make all the difference.

Interior Design

The way to your dream space starts here.

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Modern Living Room

We work with you to provide the most comfortable transition.

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About Us - Opening up the Beautiful World of Design and Artistry in Your Home

At Inclined 2 Design, we are in this business because we are passionate about design, love helping people, and enjoy the artful process of bringing your vision to life. From our initial consultation to laying down the rugs in your new home, we will lead the way with expert guidance.


When designing for the home you reside in, the goal is always the same: to make your personal style shine. We introduce you to new concepts to provide inspiration and ideas which opens up the beautiful world of design and artistry into your home!

Our approach to staging is different because the goal is to attract a wide audience of buyers and to help them visualize living in your home.  We utilize the multitude of design elements to reconfigure your current furniture when possible or utilize our up to date inventory for vacant homes.  In other cases additional pieces can be sourced to work with existing decor.  This is much more affordable than people out of the industry realize and the money recouped from the successful and timely sale is exponential.

We genuinely care about our clients; Your happiness with us is a reflection of our hard work, ethics, and dedication to bringing a higher quality of life to your home.

Schedule a consultation with us today and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Inclined Process

Every home is unique and reflects the journeys and stories of the people who live there. During the process for homes where you plan to reside, we never forget that this is your home and we want to design a space that reflects your personality while utilizing design elements to create an inviting and welcoming aesthetic.  When staging a home we balance our designs with what will appeal to the widest audience possible while focusing on the targeted demographic. Home is where we feel joy, relax, create memories, and share laughter.  Our designers at Inclined 2 Design are dedicated to take every step with you - whether you're re-designing/rehabbing, de-cluttering and organizing, or need to have your home staged.  It’s true –


there’s no place like home - let's design yours!

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