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Sometimes Less Is More...

If there is ever a time when people ponder and realize how much STUFF they have acquired, it's when they are moving and DOWN SIZING!  You have things that are meaningful to you that you don't want to part with but the challenge is how your furniture and decor will fit in the design of the new space.  People downsize for a myriad of reasons and life changes.  We will support and advise you through the phases of this process.  



One Room At A Time

Your home has served you well over the years. It's brought comfort, laughter, and memories, and the time has come to move into a smaller space. We help to asses each of the rooms in your home, quantify your furnishings,  and customize a plan for re-utilizing, re-purposing, recycling or selling any items that are not useful to the design of your new home.


Moving Home

Ease Into Your New Home

This is the fun part!  We make your new apartment or condominium inviting and welcoming.  You will be proud to entertain friends and family in your new home or simply relax and enjoy a beautifully and artfully designed space.

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