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Modern Living Room

Home Staging

Certified Professionals Here To

Maximize Your Property Value

It's often difficult to visualize oneself in a home where another family's pictures line the walls. Where their style and choice of furniture placement aren't what makes sense to you. That's where staging comes in. With our Certified Home Stagers, you're guaranteed to maximize the potential of your space, reaching the widest audience of home buyers possible. Understanding this industry and how buyers perceive homes, combined with solid design skills is a recipe for success. With the guidance and support from our skilled Stagers, appealing to buyers can be a breeze.  There is ample evidence of the effect of staging on home price and value. The National Association of REALTORS® Research Group concludes that for every $100.00 spent on staging a home, a seller can potentially recoup $400.00. Read the full study here.

Addressing The Current

Phase I

We asses each room and quantify how much furniture is taking up the space. Visual space is just as important as physical space when staging. You need “negative space” in any design scheme for the viewing eye to be able to rest.


Analyze Concerns

Phase II

Skilled Stagers know what to look for in a home.  We see things differently than others.  We know from history what buyers are looking for and what deters them from considering your property.  When a potential buyer enters a space they will have an impression within the first 12 seconds.  We're here to make sure those 12 seconds produce a positive reaction.



Categorize, Define and Design

Phase III

Items and furnishings in the home will be assessed with regard to their impact in the staging design.

Sometimes additional pieces of furniture are needed.  We can supply any furniture necessary to complete the design of a room that will compliment the style of your home.  We have trade discounts at numerous furniture retailers and can source items not available to the general public.

Some home owners become overwhelmed with items that have accumulated over the years in their home.  We also have staff to assist with removing, recycling, or even selling items that the homeowner does not wish to bring with them when they relocate.



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