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The Inclined Process

We know that the time you spend in your home and how you experience your space is important to you.  We take the elements of design - theme, balance, line distribution, shape, weight, proportion, rhythm/harmony and color  to build a beautifully designed space for you.  There are many reasons people can benefit from design services; home staging for the sale of a property, space planning, redesign of floor plans, decluttering, color consultation and art selection are among the services we provide. Some clients prefer to work collaboratively and others want to participate in the design minimally.  We will develop a process that works for you and your unique circumstance:


Maximize Space, Create Buyer Interest,  and Yield Higher Offers With A Certified Accredited Home Stage Master

Interior Design

When You Enjoy an Artfully Curated and Crafted Room, the Experience You Have in Your Home is Enriched and Elevated

Down Sizing

A Three-Step Process To Help You Ease Into Your New Home

Grey Living Room Sofa
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